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Controlled Flow Programmable System, CFPS-2


Flow control:

manual dial, analog signal (-5 - +5V), software control through RS232/USB port, reverse direction

Remote control:

wireless channel switch ON/OFF and to start programmed sequences


1sec accuracy, up to more than 99hours for each channel

Programmable Volume:

Can be programmed to deliver volumes, up to 99L

Programmable Sequences:

Can be programmed to activate channels in sequences with programmable delays

Continuous Delivery:

Can be programmed to deliver liquid continuously with set volume/time and period


4x2.5x1.85 in. (pumps); 14x6x8 (controller)




0.5in. 1 ft. rod and x-block


barbed luer-locks


0.015in. I.D.; double 0.015in. I.D.; 0.020in. I.D.; 0.031in I.D.; 0.062in. I.D.; 0.093in. I.D.

This is a 2-channel perfusion system for precise control of liquid media low and micro volume flow rate from 8 Ál/min to 7.3 ml/min. Includes a 4-channel programmable controller, which allows upgrade to 4-channel system. Precision design and miniature size minimize pulsations to provide smooth perfusion. Designed for stable solution continuous flow or substance application during imaging, recording, calcium and other ions measurement, biochemical assays or small organs and animals perfusion. Used with small chambers in lab-on-chip setups, imaging and recording workstations.

Digital interface and analog inputs allow to calibrate each channel independently and to apply one or multiple substances by switching channels manually or through data acquisition and any software (LabView for example). Each channel can be programmed independently, using timers or to dispense preset volumes. It also allows to program continuous or periodic sequence of solution applications, which can be used to replenish liquid media during long-term experiments. The system allows to accurately mix different solutions or generate dose-response curves. The system will continue the sequence even after an accidental temporary power outage.

Each channel can be controlled through wireless remote, manually, by analog signal, TTL or through RS232/USB connection for fully automated setups controlled through third party software packages (LabView for example). An optional software for computer control using an user-friendly interface is also available.

Can be connected to solenoid or pinch-valve solution switching perfusion systems for applying and mixing solutions in sequence. The optional luer-lock manifolds will combine multiple solutions into a single output. The size of the 2-channel system is 4x2.5x1.85in. (separate from the controller). Two systems cad be attached to each other to form a 4-channel system. Includes 1 ft. mounting rod and X-block to attach to a standard 0.5in. posts. Comes with a 0.093in. I.D. tubing. For different flow ranges add a different I.D. tubing: 0.015" I.D. - 8-170 Ál/min; 0.020" I.D. - 20-340 Ál/min; 0.031" I.D. - 50-920 Ál/min; 0.062" I.D. - 170-3400 Ál/min; 0.093" I.D. -370-7300 Ál/min.


Flow rates vs. Tubing I.D.


8-170 Ál/min


20-340 Ál/min


50-920 Ál/min


170-3400 Ál/min


370-7300 Ál/min

Optional accessories: perfusion system.

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Controlled Flow Perfusion System



Additional 2-Channel upgrade. Adds two independent channels. Attached together to another box, forms a single unit. Can be mounted horizontally, vertically or simply left on the desktop. Includes mounting hardware.



Tubing, 0.015" I.D.



Tubing, 0.020" I.D.



Tubing, 0.031" I.D.



Tubing, 0.062" I.D.



Tubing, 0.093" I.D.



Replacement protective tape, x2