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Automation Software, TC-SOFT

This Windows based software package allows to program TC-1-100 and TC-1-100i 2-channel controllers to automatically tune within wide temperature range, to run temperature sequences (up to eight steps), including ramps, and to save and read temperature log files in Excel CSV format. The graphical presentation of the temperature recordings allows to visualize and measure data using ZOOM features and moveable cursors.

Programming features allow to built the sequence protocol for each channel independently, with sec, min or hour resolution, up to 999 hours long for each step. The sequence can be visualized before execution. It is automatically stored in the controller memory, and retrieved by the program. The protocol can also run as a loop continuously. The protocol execution can be PAUSED in the middle of the protocol.

The package comprises two major parts: hardware control (including recording log files) and reading the log files. The first part also allows to edit and execute the temperature protocols, and to tune the controller to work in wider temperature range.

After purchasing, a link to download the installation package will be sent by email. Ships separately: USB adapter and RS232 NULL MODEM cable to connect to the controllers.

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Automation software for TC-1-100 and TC-1-100i controllers