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Microscope stage upgrade for stable temperature control

This upgrade converts any microscope into a temperature controlled system. After the upgrade, the microscope stage becomes a high stability heated stage that keeps your samples warm and eliminates a temperature shock during sample observation. Especially useful in culture rooms, where the samples are often removed from cell incubators for periodic observation. Shown on the picture is a 110mm round insert for Olympus microscopes. Any model, brand, size and shape insert can be upgraded. The upgrade does not change the top surface of the stage or its functionality. Can be upgraded with an objective heater TC-HLS-05/025. Simply send us a removable insert from your microscope stage, and we will place a thin heater on its bottom. Requires a temperature controller.


Temperature range:

up to 125 C

Resolution (controller):

0.1 C

Temperature stability:

0.01 C, built-in sensor

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Required accessories: temperature controller.

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Microscope upgrade for temperature control