CO2-O2-MI Hypoxia/CO2 Controller for miniature incubators

CO2-MI CO2 Controller for miniature incubators

PC-MI Gas mixture Controller for miniature incubators

PC-16 Valves Controller, programmable

Perfusion systems

PC-R15/10 Pressure controller for liquid handling systems

CFPS-1U Miniature Flow Control Unit

CFPS-2 Flow Control system, programmable

TC-1-100i 2-channel Temperature Controller for incubators

TC-1-100 2-channel Temperature Controller, Low Noise

TC-1-100s 1-channel Temperature Controller, Low Noise

TC2-80-150/-C 2-Channel Temperature Controller, programmable, low noise

BTC-1-100 Cooling and Heating 1-channel Temperature Controller, Low Noise

BTC-2-100 Cooling and Heating 2-channel Temperature Controller, Low Noise

TC-HLS Objective Heater

Miniature Incubators

UTIC Ultr-Thin imaging chambers

ZMM Zero-Dead Volume manifolds

MM - Miniature Manifold

PM - Luer-Lock Manifold

TPM - PTFE Perfusion Manifold

SVDS1 - Small Volume Delivery System

MTH, MH-1, MH-2 Miniature holders and accessories

PCCS2 - Perfusion Chamber-Assembly for Upright and Inverted Microscopes

CSC - Chambers for replaceable coverslips

PDI - Perfusion Chamber-Insert for Petri dishes

SH-1A Syringe Holder

SH-A Gas Mixture Delivery Adapter, pressure manifold

PC - Pressure Cylinders

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