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Hyperoxia / hypoxia and CO2 controller - O2-CO2-N2-MI

Designed for live cell imaging and time-lapsed microscopy, for use with miniature incubators and custom enclosures. Connects to a cylinders with compressed O2, CO2 gases and balance gas - Nitrogen usually. The output connects directly to a gas port of the incubator or a humidifier. Simple to use through the touch screen. The controller makes 0-20% CO2 and 0-25% O2 mixture to supply inside the incubator. CO2 control at 5% level keeps pH of media constant. The controller ships adjusted for 5% CO2 level requirement. Can be adjusted to fill incubators of different volumes by controlling output flow rate. The instrument not only controls gas content inside the incubator, but also brings the gas consumption to the minimum. For simplified hypoxia applications, consider another model.



max 100PSI


750 sccm max


INPUT for 5/32in. (4mm) O.D. tubing (included);
OUTPUT for 1/8in O.D. tubing (included);
can be replaced with any 10-32 threaded connectors;
includes luer fitting for different size tubing;
includes easy-disconnect coupling for 1/4in. O.D. tubing


digital display of CO2, O2 %, input pressure and flow levels

Digital Controls:

CO2 level 0-20%

O2 level 0-25% (higher ranges are available upon request)

FLOW up to 750 sccm

INPUT PRESSURE manual regulators 


Digital display


12 x 6 x 8in.


100-240VAC 75W

Heated humidifier CO2-500ml (Optional accessories)
A heated platform with 1L reservoir to provide gas saturation with water vapors by passing the gas mixture through heated water. When passed through heated water, CO2 mixture becomes humid. Can be also used as an indicator of gas flow - bubbles will indicated gas flowing inside the incubator. Connects inline between the controller and the incubator.

Required accessories: sources of CO2, O2, N2 gases, miniature incubator.

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CO2/O2 Controller for Miniature Incubators



Heated Humidifier